Defining Facility Management Standards

Facility Management, as we at DeFM define it, goes beyond maintaining your property. We work on the foundations of safety, cleanliness and maintenance, supporting your business to provide excellence as we do. Going beyond the smooth operations of your facility, we are also concerned with prolonging its lifespan.

We maintain uncompromising standards that involve the use of state-of-the-art technology and the unfailing human touch.

Our latest environmentally-friendly systems, also called Green Programs, keep the office spaces technologically updated and use green solutions to provide an eco-friendly work atmosphere.

Why hire a Facility Management company?

Think of a value you would place on to knowing that your facilities are in the right hands. DeFM holds the same value to the care and observation of your premises.

We offer an umbrella of various services to ensure that your facilities enjoy the highest standards of safety and security, and that they are meticulously maintained using up-to-date methods.

We manage the details and take away the hassle from your day to day job to allow you to focus on the bigger picture and ensure optimum return on your investment.