Transportation and Fleet Management
Maximize the utilization of cars
Transportation and Fleet Management
Optimal usage of company fleet is an important question faced by most organizations. Our services will free your top management from technical concerns by providing vehicles,drivers, fleet maintenance and managing systems with state-of-the-art technology.

We provide the following fleet management and transportation services

Supplying vehicles: We provide high-quality phone fitted vehicles for long-term lease. Our premises include company-owned parking lots and service centers for vehicles storage and maintenance.

Managing customer vehicles: We also manage our customers' vehicles providing transportation control, managing expenses, ensuring availability of drivers and handling emergency situations.

Tracking vehicles: Our tracking systems employ GPS to determine and control where vehicles are at all times, ensuring the vehicles' security and allowing ease of arrival at meeting locations.

People transfer: We supply vehicles to move people on daily basis to and from work locations.

Mobility of goods and products: We also have the capability to supply (20 to 40 tons) trucks to move products and goods on daily basis to any governorate in Egypt.